Elliptical Calories Burned

There are a number of reasons why an elliptical trainer is popular among those wishing to get in shape. Such devices work the entire body and have the potential to get you in shape quite quickly.

In fact, the potential for an elliptical trainer to strengthen the heart is also quite significant. And, of course, people invest a great deal of time on the device because the volume of elliptical calories burned is significant. You will drop weight and possibly even get ripped to shreds when exercising on an elliptical.

So, when it comes to the subject of calories burned on elliptical devices, how can you determine the sheer volume of calories burned? There are a few ways and they all deserve a look if you are hoping to use this device to get into top shape.

The Basics of Elliptical Calories Burned

The amount of elliptical calories burned will depend upon the difficulty level of the workout, the duration of the workout, and added intensity you employ. Your age and your current weight will also factor into the equation. Gender fits into the mix as well.

This is why it can be difficult to offer a generalized notion of what constitutes a uniform amount of elliptical calories burned.

Here are three common starts for those working out at a decent pace and intensity level:

120lb woman, 30 minutes/300 calories

150lb woman: 30 minutes/400 calories

180lb man: 30 minutes/550 calories

In terms of the “difficulty level,” all elliptical trainers will come with an adjustment where you can increase the tension and resistance on the device. Different ellipticals will come with different degrees of resistance but 1 – 15 would be among the most common. The level of resistance will cause your muscles to work a lot harder which means you will burn more calories than you would at a lighter resistance level.

The duration in which you work out in relation to calories burned on an elliptical is rather easy to understand. The longer you workout on the device, the more calories you burn.

Well, there is an exception we will get to later….

Elliptical Calories Burned and Intensity Levels

Intensity level can refer to the pace you keep on the treadmill. Do you wish to go slow, fast, or extremely fast? You can do any pace you wish since an elliptical allows you to move your arms and legs at the pace you wish without restriction.

Now, this brings forth the notion that you can burn more calories at a shorter duration than you would with a longer one provided the shorter duration is at a much higher intensity level. This is not an easy way to work out on an elliptical device and no one new to cardio fitness should start at such a rate.

However, it can be reached relatively quickly if you are willing to be consistent with your workout sessions and expand your cardio and endurance.

Cardio and endurance can always be built on. The greater you expand them then the more elliptical calories burned can be attained.

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